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Here are some tips that will help you take better “everyday” pictures of your kids. If you doubt that statement just check out Chase Jarvis‘ latest art book where he shot (and processed) all of the pictures entirely on his iPhone. Natural emotion – Say “No” to saying “Cheese”. Your best bet to get a […]

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Orange County Newborn Photographer located in Lake Forest, California. We have a full service studio with a large variety of props.  All our packages include full resolution edited images. I love creating custom photography sets for my Newborn Clients.  This little babies Mama loved the book “Where the Wild Things Are”.  I have all these […]

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newborn twin photo

Orange County Newborn Photographer – Laura and Brad Rauch who specialize in child photography, newborn photography, maternity photography and family portraits. Laura and Brad Rauch are your Southern California Portrait Photographers. Contact Orange County photographers Laura and Brad Rauch Today for all your photography needs! er, belly photographer, family photographer,  fun, fresh, digital files, full res photos usb, […]

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Irvine Photography Photography Irvine California Irvine photography locations with photographers Laura + Brad Photo. Irvine photography provides new locations and classic locations. Newport Beach to the east with Corana Del Mar and Balboa peninsula provide many beach backdrops. Balboa Pier is one of my favorites for its pier and beach as well as the fun […]

Newborn baby Photographer baby toes and feet

Orange County Newborn Photography Maternity and baby newborn photography Orange County is what we do. We love photographing newborn babies in our studio. The studio Laura + Brad Photo has all of the wraps, headbands, knit rompers, props, and blankets. We custom stylize every newborn photography session. Detail like temperature help baby and create beautiful […]

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Laura + Brad Photo Baby Photography Orange County

Orange County Baby Photography Laura + Brad Photo Baby photography in Orange County with Laura Rauch Laura + Brad Photo  Orange County baby photography. This sweet newborn stage quickly came and went, and now you have a cute, alert, happy little baby that is ready to take on the world! Babies are incredible… within the […]

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Newborn photography Star Wars themed props

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Newborn photography props – Laura + Brad photo Newborn photography props – Laura + Brad photo  – We love newborn maternity family and wedding photography In newborn photography, we have many props on hand in our Orange County studio. Studio photography in general requires that you have a space large enough for newborn photography. Second you […]

Newborn Hug and Sibling Photo

Our newborn photographer Laura Rauch has been doing photography in Orange County since 2008. Babies and Siblings can be adorable together. This big sister loved holding the new baby. Laura + Brad Photo has a studio on the border of Lake Forest and Irvine. Many of our newborn photo shoots have parents living in Newport, Mission […]

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Newborn baby twins in studio photography session Orange County maternity and newborns Laura + Brad Photo

Answering “Help my newborn is growing up too fast” – Laura + Brad Photo Newborn Photography – In studio Newborn Photo session Help, my newborn is growing up too fast! Babies grow, before you know it they’re 7,8,10, and 12. Thats the age of my four kids and I barely remember them as little babies, […]

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