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Irvine photography locations with photographers Laura + Brad Photo. Irvine photography provides new locations and classic locations. Newport Beach to the east with Corana Del Mar and Balboa peninsula provide many beach backdrops.

 Balboa Pier Lifeguard stand

Balboa Pier Life Guard stand

Balboa Pier is one of my favorites for its pier and beach as well as the fun zone. Photographers have favorite spots like Balboa Pier but taking good picture is equally important. At the Pier I like under the pier with the infinity appeal of the pillars behind the subject. Shoreline pictures of clients walking are also beautiful.

Extended familyJeffery Open space Irvine

Extended family of twelve at Jeffery open space

Irvine locations like Jeffery open space can be a lot of fun. The tunnel is a great location, along with in the trees on the grass. The open grass field is nice closer to sunrise and sunset. There is a also a dry riverbed with rocks and great greenery surrounding it. This location neighbors many other sidewalks and backdrops that can be used throughout the adjacent neighborhood.

The Lab is a small shopping center with stunning artistic appeal and is close to Irvine. Artists in the Irvine Photography arena utilize the lab with a day use permit. Repainted walls on occasion combat its bling yet overall appeal at the lab remains the same.

Home to a diverse culture, Irvine is one of California’s most populated cities. Nearly 66 square miles large Irvine spans from the foothills of Silverado Canyon and Irvine regional park to a few short minutes West of the coastline at Newport Beach.

Our Lake Forest studio is located on the south east corner of Irvine. We are minutes from all major South County freeways making us easily accessible. Our in studio options cater to newborn and maternity clients while still giving a family photography client options.

Laura + Brad Photo serves all of Irvine photography as well as Southern California cites in Orange County.





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